Using graphite to build products is not a new art. It is however, a fairly new idea to the guitar industry. There are several reasons why graphite is a good material to use when building guitars. The biggest reason is the strength of the material. It is on the average, 4 times stronger than aluminum by weight. Another reason is that graphite is not affected by humidity and it does not change its shape with normal temperature changes. Graphite also makes a good shield against unwanted RF signals. Graphite is the material of the future and it is now available in an electric guitar.

The biggest question guitar players ask is, “Who would want a guitar made out of graphite?”. The answer is, “The working musician who travels from gig to gig!”. A guitar made from graphite is the best instrument for traveling. Changes in temperature, humidity, and pressure will not hurt a graphite guitar. This is not true with guitars made from wood. .

The second question guitar players ask is, “How does it sound?”. It has a bright clear tone which is a great addition to any recording or live performance.